The Club

Six former past students and friends decided to form a soccer club in alliance with Mount Lilydale Mercy College.

Our soccer club came to be known as the ‘Old Collegians Soccer Club’ the agreement with the College was formed in late 2005. Affiliation with the school provided our fledgling club with a home ground (Quarry Road, Lilydale) and club room facilities.

Our inaugural season commenced in 2006, competing in the Bayside FA Association “Premier League Division”

The club’s team nickname of “The Mighty Goats” was derived from our “neighboring paddock” which is the local councils refuge for lost/injured animals. 

The nickname has many myths, but the most common tale is as follows;

During the club first-time competitive match, for when we scored our first goal simultaneously a massive yelp was heard over the paddock, it was a yelp of a Goat! Henceforth it was a sign & our club’s nickname was born.

In addition, our home ground is also referred to as “Goat Park”.